Reclaim your Mind, Your Soul and Your Life

You path of  ascension, through dark realms, begins here  

Enter the Abode Upon the Abyss 

You are a Seeker Who is
Not Afraid of the Darkness 

Rather, you embrace the darker side of spirituality and are looking for a pathway to something that you can call your own, something real. Guidance through the most difficult times, and powerful creative processes through the good times. 

There is a part of you, waiting to meet you, in the darkness. A part that has always been there.  Watching you, whispering guidance to you. 


Your time has come to make this connection. 


This 8-week meditation practice will take you on a journey to discover your own sacredness, through the darker realms. 

 Mainstream spiritual practices are for those who find their connection with the mass-mindset thinking. There is comfort for them in popular practices. 

 But you are different. You know your road leads in a different direction, through territory that others may feel uncomfortable in, or even fear.

The Abode Upon the Abyss is a musical, meditative journey for you to connect with the primal power source of all creation, commune with your guidance, and become the living embodiment of your own Daemonic Being.

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This Practice is Designed to: 

  • Gain a deeper sense of clarity and purpose to what your life is supposed to be by connecting with the most sacred aspects of your Being 
  • Easily draw people and situations to you that are in alignment with your purpose 
  • Have access to guidance from a perspective far beyond your three-dimensional reality 
  • Develop a clearer view of the road ahead, and how it will improve every aspect of your life, from romance to career and success in every way. 
  • Start to clear away the toxicity and hindrances preventing you from become who you were always meant to be

Not sure if you are ready? 

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Kaedrich Olsen

It is my mission to help people who have embarked upon a path of spiritual ascension, to open doors to higher states of being.

My many years of studying music, mysticism, the occult and esoteric teachings give me a unique ability to help you manifest your highest states of being. 

You will learn to awaken the divine spark within and become the embodiment of your higher self. In doing so, you will begin to surmount the blocks which have prevented you from achieving your ideal life and you will begin to attract people and situations that are in alignment with who you are, authentically.