Are you trying to live your Spiritual Purpose, but find yourself blocked? 

Maybe you are trying to find what that purpose is and want to live a fulfilling life?

Many people have found that their lives are not a reflection of who they really are, nor are they fulfilling their purpose in this life. This is because they have found themselves overwhelmingly influenced by family friends and other social obligations telling them how to live their lives. This can even lead to energetic and emotional blocks hindering progress of becoming who they really are. 

It is my mission to help people who have embarked upon a path of spiritual ascension, to open doors to higher states of being. 

As you work with me, you will learn to awaken the divine spark within and become the embodiment of your higher self. In doing so, you will begin to surmount the blocks which have prevented you from achieving your ideal life and you will begin to attract people and situations that are in alignment with your higher being. 

Thus, you will become the creator of your own greatest reality. 

My thirty years of study into Norse literature revealed that Runes and Norse Mysticism could be powerfully effective for unlocking the divine spark within. By refining these studies with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Shamanism, Ritual, Music, and Magick, I have developed techniques that brings this ancient transcendent wisdom into context within the 21st century. 

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