Abyss Spiritual Guidance


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You get: • Five expertly crafted songs designed to open a doorway to aspects of your being that you may never have known to exist. • Six weeks of meditation practice that connect with your own sacredness so you can create a sacred abode in the astral that will be reflected in your daily life.
• Three focused intentions for each song that creates a subtle impact across your daily life, shifting your entire being into a higher state, as your life becomes a prayer to your higher self. • Done for you guidelines for setting ritual space for ideal meditative practice so you can get the most out of this experience.
• Once you have completed the course of the workings, there is more to do. These practices can continue, as you seep to further refine and deepen your spiritual expression in your world

Bonuses that will supercharge and deepen your experience Runic Pillar Guided Meditation • Proven steps to help you clear and align your being for deeper spiritual workings • Seven runes that have a rich history of transformation and awakening • Galdr – special form of rune magic making use of sound and vibration, embedded into the music, to awaken the very core of your being Connect with Higher Self – Guided Meditation • Easy to follow practice that you can incorporate into your meditation playlist • Effective method for connecting with, and awakening your authentic self

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