Initiation of the Magician

The magician’s mind is full of awe and wonder at the intricate details of the world. 

A knowing, that deep below the surface presentation of objects, people and situationa, lies a vast swath of knowledge, potential, and wisdom. 

The Fool's Journey

“The fool who persists in his folly will become wise” ~ William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell 

The Fool is a universal archetype which can be recognized in every culture around the world. 

The Fool lives…


Do you Have a Connection to Higher Guidance?

Vignettes of the Ogdoad Within the Abode Upon the Abyss we find the Ogdoad: Eight faces of the great Apotheon; Eight facets of the divine crystal, composing the Crystal Counsel of higher being; Eight angelic and daemonic forces, each sovereign…

Do you Have a Sacred Astral Temple?

Set upon the precipice of the abyss you will find a sacred temple, raised from the astral energy emanating from the unending light emanating out from the abyss. Overlooking the massive abyss, two massive doors stand wide open, giving full…

What is the Abyss?

Precipice of the Abyss As you stand upon the precipice of the abyss, you stare into the greater-than-infinite blackness from whence all things emanate. The void within defies all description as it is imperceptible to human minds and unfathomable to…

How Can You Create an Authentic Life

It is easy to get lost the the many influences that try to tell you who you should be, how you should live, and what you should do. The life we live is always given to us. Our parents, or…

Become the Sacred King

Can there be a seat of power that is not corrupt and despicable? Is it possible for you to rise the pinnacle of power, in your life, and not lose yourself? 

What if it is possible to rule over…


Guidebook for GaldraKraft Performance

Please follow the link below to download a PDF that will be used in the upcoming workshop/ performance for Peace, Prosperity and Healing GK Perf PPH guide book Though it may look strange, and maybe overwhealming at first, experiencing the…

Opus Vas Excitationis

  Opus Vas Excitationis Nigredo (black) A dark and cold time had come to an ancient land. An almost eternally long and quiet dark night locked a forest in such darkness that the light of the sun barely poked through the…