Online Spiritual Guidance

Congratulations and welcome!

Taking this step toward healing your soul is an important one, and can have powerful effects across every area of your life.

I am honored that you have chosen to work with me in this way. And I promise to do my best to help you in every way I can.


If you are in the Denver area, you will get the best results from meeting me, in person. Currently, such sessions are available at Ritualcravt. Follow this link, or call this number to book now. 



Before we can begin please submit a contact form - see below.

  In  your message please tell me: 

  • Why you are seeking guidance 
  • What you hope to gain from working together 
  • Times you are available for booking 
  • Your Skype ID  


Once received, I will contact you ASAP, via email, to reserve the time and finalize the details. 



Times and Availability 

I am available most evenings and weekends, Mountain Time (UTC/GMT -6) 

  • Monday: 7-10pm (UTC/GMT -6) 
  • Tuesday: 7-10pm (UTC/GMT -6) 
  • Wednesday: 7-10pm (UTC/GMT -6) 
  • Thursday: 7-10pm (UTC/GMT -6) 
  • Friday: 7-10pm (UTC/GMT -6) 
  • Saturday: 10am-1pm (UTC/GMT -6) 
  • Sunday: 10am-1pm (UTC/GMT -6) 


Payment Information 

Payments are to be made via Paypal to  

Payment must be received before our session.  



Our online sessions will be conducted through Skype


Contact Form to Book Online Session