Enter the Astral Temple of your Higher Being

Upon the precipice of the Abyss you will find a place for your Sacred Workings

Jump start your Ascension and Begin your eight-week meditation 
to Create a Sacred Life

Overlooking the massive Abyss, two massive doors stand wide open, giving full view of the swirling accretion disk, allowing the flow of energy into the temple. 

Astride the gaping threshold, you will find two great columns that resound with vibratory frequencies, resonating with the energy of the abyss; one of gold, the other of silver. They set the tone of the energy that can be gathered and used throughout the sacred temple. 

Deeper within the Abode are the Fountains of Fate. Pools of causal energy giving one a glimpse of the past, of the future, and of all causal chains set into motion as they spread out through all of the worlds.