Challenge- Becoming a More Complete Man 


Pagan Men- Stop Sucking at This  

As a man, I can almost guarantee that there is one thing that you suck at. One thing, that we as men, pagan or not, in the 21st century have been taught to suck terribly at, and this is something that is preventing you from having the best relationship you can, the best sex, it may be holding you back in your career, and if you suck at this, it is keeping you from living your most ideal sacred life.  

First let’s look deep into the brain. What do we find here, right in the middle? This is called the limbic system. And as a human being, not just a man, but a human being you have one of these. I promise you.  

What does this limbic system do? Simply put, it generates the chemicals in your body for the emotions that you feel.  

As men, we have been taught to shut down our emotions. Not to express what we feel - and I know you feel them.  

Doing this, we have been taught to detach from our connection with others. We have been taught to live our lives and emotionless, fractalized remnants of what it really means to be a man.  

Yeah, I am calling you out on this. If you are suppressing your emotions, you are less of a man. GUess what, I am too.  

As long as you have this limbic system, you have emotions. It is a part of being human, a part of begin a man - and as you will soon see, this is a powerful connection you have to the sacred.  


The Challenge

My challenge to you, to connect to this sacred part of your being, is to allow yourself one moment of deep feeling.  

You are already good at holding that stoic poker face, and you may already be good at finding moments of solitude. So no one else ever has to know that you are doing this.  

Just find something that you find beautiful, in a non-sexual way, and allow yourself to feel deep loving appreciation for that moment of beauty.  

It can be a song, something that stirs feelings deep within. It can be a movie that you find particularly poignant. Some work of art, a location in the world, a movie, a song.  

It can be anything that stirs a deep feeling within. And just take that moment to let yourself feel, deeply, intensely and openly. 

Doing this, connects you with a deeper part of your sacred being. Some may call it feminine, but it really is not. This is another aspect of sacred masculinity.  

As you allow yourself to feel these emotions, expressing appreciation and gratitude for this beauty in your life, you are infusing your own spirit and soul through this connection with this aspect of the divine masculine.  

You are, in essence, becoming a more complete being, by allowing yourself to feel - even if only for this moment.  


The Big Challenge 

OK, if you are ready to take this challenge to the next level - this is for advanced players only.  

What would happen, if you allowed yourself to openly express these feelings in the presence of other men, your friends, family members, acquaintances, or even strangers.  

Yes, you may be the subject of ridicule and some ribbing. That is a risk. But not likely to happen.  

Rather, if you hold your ground with confidence, determination, and power, something very interesting could happen.  

As you express your divine appreciate for the beauty in your life, you will actually give the others permission to do the same.  

If you hold to your stoic, non-emotional face, you enable other men to remain dis-engaged with this aspect of their own sacredness, to stay detached from their own emotional well being, and to remain a fractalized remnant of what they could be.  

I know, this is hard. I have a hard time doing this myself. Really, I have brooding in a dark corner down to an art and science. Few have seen me express these soft emotions, but I am committed to holding this ground, for others, like you. 

Listen, when you access this power - and it is a power - you start to become a more complete being, a more complete man. You are using all of your brain, in balance. You are inviting higher energies into your body, your being and your life. You become someone that others want to connect with, and you will show up and be there for the people you love most in your life.  

Come on, as we have been taught to suck at being emotional beings, we have been taught to suck at one of the most sacred aspects of being a man.  

So now I encourage you to Step up, try this challenge, and let me know how this goes. 

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