Cultivating Wildness with the Greenman 

Cultivating Wildness with the Greenman


Green man is the result of Cosmic Father pairing with Mother Earth -  He is the protector of all things wild, and the natural world.  

As humanity steps ever further from the brink of the natural world that gave us life, Greenman reminds us, that as we breathe and eat, our continuing life is nurtured by the natural world.  


One of the ways we can honor that green man archetype, is learning to cultivate a bit more wildness in our daily life. 


Just a bit more than you are comfortable with. Remember everything in moderation, including moderation. When it comes to the wildman, don't be moderate, but don't be so extreme that you become destructive  

Here is a little ritual, that you can do, right now, to help cultivate your wild side  

Connect with the Wildness Within  

Think about, is there an animal spirit that you connect with ?  

Do you have some sort of amulet, totem or some object reflecting your connection with that animal?  

If so, grab it. If not, follow along, then go get yourself something, and come back and do this process.  

A Simple Ritual is all you Need  

Take a few breaths,to ground yourself here and now 
    Look inward, deeper into your own being  
    Step away from who you think you are, in the daily world 
    Just leave that behind for a moment  

Now, think about that animal, in a wild setting.  
    Imagine where that beast lives, the sights, sounds and important smells 
    What must it feel like to be that creature, in that setting  
    Take a moment to feel, what it must feel like to be that beast, then and there 

Embody it and accentuate it 
    Move your mind to become one with this beast 
    Move as the creature does 
    Make sounds as the creature does 
    Allow yourself, to let go of your, for a brief moment - to experience the will of the wildness within 

Bring that feeling into who you are  
    With your breath, breathe all of what you gained from that experience into your body 
    Every beat of your heart, augmented by the wildness of this being 
    Every breath, every sound you make, strengthened by its strength 
    All that you are, empowered by its essence - changing who you are in the world  

Now, breathe that feeling into the amulet or totem you are holding  
    Give it three deep strong breaths, pushing that animalistic wild feeling into the amulet  
    When complete, set it aside in a safe place, so that you can pick it up 
    Wear it or hold it whenever you need to reconnect with the wildness of the animal you connected with  

When you feel the energy of this beast, within you, in a daily setting, allow yourself to become a little bit more dangerous in the world 

Give yourself permission to bring that sense of life and vitality into what you are. 

Do this, and you will connect with your own inner Wildman, and make a difference in your daily life and the world around you.


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