Initiation of the Magician

The magician’s mind is full of awe and wonder at the intricate details of the world. 

A knowing, that deep below the surface presentation of objects, people and situationa, lies a vast swath of knowledge, potential, and wisdom. 

The magician can tap into this hidden world, reveal it for what it is, and manifest these hidden things, in creative ways, for the benefit of others. 

Though considered wise and mysterious, the magician can be manipulative and demanding, sometimes for the benefit of others, sometimes for the benefit of himself.


Traits of the Magician

  • Tapping into creative, manifesting potential
  • Awakening intuition
  • Causal and Mystical Awareness
  • Sense of connection to greater things
  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Link between the common world and the unseen worlds


Negative Traits

  • Master manipulator
  • Illusion of self
  • Intellectual idiot
  • Difficulty relating to others


How to Awaken your Inner Magician

  • Create sacred space in your life
  • Commit to learning something new
  • Meditate
  • Scrutinize self, are you holding up your own values? 
  • See more questions, not just answers.

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