Runes for Building Strength in the Gym 

Are you busting your ass in the gym, day in day out, seeing little to no results. 

Or are you just starting out, hoping to get some good results. 

There are many different ways that you can go about to getting results in the gym. First and foremost, you have to show up and be consistent. 

If you are not in the gym, regularly, following your routine, and changing it up, as needed, then what I am about to share with you, won’t work. 

So, before we begin, make that commitment (if you haven’t already) to be consistent with your gym time. 

Excellent! Now, I am going to share with you the two runes that I use, in the gym to boost performance and ultimately build strength. 

I do need to tell you, that I am not a doctor, nor trained physical trainer. I am simply sharing with you what I found works for me. As always, before beginning any exercise program, check in with the professionals to be sure you are doing the right thing for you. 

With that said, the two runes I use to boost my strength in the gym are Uruz and Sowilo. 


Internalizing the Runes 

Before you can use these runes, you need to come to understand them for yourself. 


Uruz a rune representing the ancient and extinct European bison, the aurochs. A strong, powerful and primal beast. This is your primal nature - the source of your strength and vitality - it is the beast within that you need to unleash to build more power and strengthen into your body 


Sowilo is the fiery power of the sun. This is your energy, vitality, passion and motivation to get shit done. This is not the calm lazy bathe in the warm of the sun. This is the striking power to smash icebergs and meltaway the frozen winter. 

I recommend you take sometimes, alone, to sit with these two runes. To connect with what these runes feel like, to you, internally. As you connect with that feeling, stare at the shape of the rune and sing its name. This connects your mind, emotions body and spirit with the energy of the rune - so that when you call on them, in the gym, their strength is made available to boost your might and power 




Taking it to the Gym 

Now, in the gym let’s talk about engaging the bar. 

I have noticed, that I need to engage the bar with power and confidence, every time, to ensure the success of the set. If you come to the bar uncertain if you will make your lifts, you may not. 

But if you grab that bar with power and confidence, take your breath, and lift, your chances of completing your set has increased dramatically. 

When add these runes to that process, it becomes powerful. 


How do you do that? Here is how I do it. 

  • First, set myself in position to grab the bar 
  • Take a deep breath, and release 
  • Grab the bar and set my hands in position 
  • Another deep breath and release - this breath is important 
  • As I release, I am visualizing the runes, singing the runes to myself, and feeling the power of those runes going into the muscles I am about to use 
  • Position my body to do the life 
  • Deep breath and hold it (with one last round of runes in my mind) 
  • Lift - then release the breath 


For example, on bench press 

  • I lay down on the bench, grab the bar and do my first breath 
  • Then I tighten my grip, another deep breath and as I am working with the runes, I feel their energy in my biceps, chest, shoulders, back, abs, butt and legs 
  • With another deep breath, the lift the bar, uruz sowilo in my mind - holding my breath I do my set 
  • Finally rack the bar and breathe normally 


I admit that I do not do the runes on every set. But as I am reaching my fifth set on a lift, and I am feeling the fatigue in my muscles, I will power up with these runes. 




Spend some time to get to know the runes, for yourself - before going into the gym 

Then, as you engage the bar, with your breath work, incorporate the feeling of the power of these runes into the muscles you are about to use - as you engage the bar or whatever weights you are going to use 

I hope these runes serve you well, I know they have helped me in my pursuits in the gym! 



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