The Divine Destroyer, Within

 Each one of us has a destructive power. We have known about it since childhood when we played with action figures, breaking them as part of the games we played. As we got older, our ingenuity paired with destructiveness as we learned how to add firecrackers to our action figures. 

Progressing into young adulthood, this destructive nature was no longer playful and took the emerging life that lay ahead of us. Filled with self-doubts, disparaging thoughts, and a negative self-image, life veered into unexpected directions. 

Despite these damaging traits (subtle and overt), this Destroyer Within actually has a connection to the sacred self. 

There really is a place in one’s life for the Destroyer, freed from self-destructive shadows, and connected with the higher wisdom of your divine nature. You really have one 


Why Do We Want to Connect with the Destroyer? 

At its heart, the Destroyer is about duty. To everything there is a time, and all things will pass. 

This is a part of natural order of all things 

Nature abhors a vacuum, so once something is destroyed, something will take its place. You can be in control, guided by your own divine Will, on how that vacuum is created. 

When tempered with wisdom, duty and purpose destroyer is aligned with higher Will and will help you to clear away negativity, blockages or any hindrances preventing you from living a life full of meaning and purpose. 


The Darker Side of the Destroyer 

The Destroyer can be guided by shadows, hidden deep within out subconscious minds 

These shadows only hold power over our behaviors and beliefs when they are allowed to operate unseen and unacknowledged. 

We must be bold enough to venture into the darkest recesses of the mind and shed light on the things we may have been most afraid of acknowledging. 

Don’t Succumb to the Shadows 

By exploring the darker side of our nature, we shed light onto the shadows and dispel their power. 

This can be difficult and may require the help of someone trained in shadow work. 

But the result is the same. Dispelling the power from the shadows, and freeing the Destroyer helps you to clear your life of toxicity, negativity and anything standing between a fulfilled life and your own divine Will. 


Take Action! 

If you are ready to do the work of engaging the Divine Aspects of the Destroyer and start clearing the negativity and toxicity from your life, then join us! 

We will discuss the positive and negative power of the Destroyer. 

Guided meditation to connect with the divine side of the Destroyer 

Runes in ritual, to engage the divine aspects of this part of your being 

Shadows of the Destroyer

Sunday, August 12th, 2pm 



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