The Living Greenman

As humanity steps ever further from the brink of the natural world that gave us life, Greenman reminds us, that as we breath and eat, our continuing life is nurtured by the natural world. 

Greenman is like the warrior, grounded and centered, but with a focus upon the natural world, instead of the human world. He calls you to connect with your wild soul. Learn to hear its call and become the living green man bringing life, vitality, healing and prosperity in all that you do. 

The green man recognizes the resilience and fragility of life. Thus, he becomes the protector of the fertile, prosperous and nurturing aspects of our world.


Traits of the Greenman

  • Silence
  • Situational Awareness
  • Introspection
  • Fertility
  • Wildness


Negative Aspects

  • Atavism run rampant
  • Become too wild
  • Overly Frisky
  • Detached from Rationale


Working with the Greenman

  • Spend more time in silence, engaged in introspection
  • Cultivate your wildness
  • Honor nature and the natural world around you

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