Peace is a Heathen Value!

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Peace is an essential part of any thriving society. Though conflict and warfare may be an essential part of life for many cultures, living in peace is the ultimate goal for a majority of members of those societies.

This is absolutely true for the people of the OId Norse. Though we have heard tales of bloody conquest and savage barbarism concerning Vikings, we must we remember that these stories told were merely exaggerated tales of a few individuals.

To that effect, we can understand how important peace was to the people in the Old Norse, as they have given us two powerful words which both are translated as, peace:  Frið and Grið

Click to download Soul Magic lyrics

Click to download Soul Magic lyrics


To begin the peace process, we galdr the rune, Nauð from the Younger Futhork.


We can think of this rune as a bringer of constraint and a call for the cessation of hostilities

These three runes, used as a sonic bind-rune, bring about a state of peaceful calm and joy.

Wujno – bringing Joy and comfort

Perthro – which creates a situation

Isa – calming and solidifying peace