The Journey to Awakening Begins Here

As you stand upon the Precipice of the Abyss, You stare deep into the Greater-Than-Infinite blackness from which all things emanate

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The void within defies all description as it is imperceptible to human minds and unfathomable to the divine. For it is at once, existence and non-existence. It is and it isn’t. Completely imperceptible with any sense that we can perceive or imagine. 

Known to the ancients as “Ain”, the great nothingness, without existence, absolute emptiness… the abyss serves as the substrate from which divine consciousness emanates. Giving thoughts which condense into subtle forms of energy (including light); energy and light which further condenses into matter and form.

It all emanates from the abyss of greater-than eternal nothingness. You can see the beginnings of creation emanating as the light ring which surrounds the great abyss. 

Those who dare enter into the abyss find themselves lost in a sea of infinite-potential, surrounded by eternal light. For some this is a prison of darkness with no escape. For others, once navigated, and successfully traversed, the great abyss is the mother of all thought and creation.

The substrate for all existence from the subtle to the course. 


Stare deep into the abyss, from your precipice. Stare deep enough and you will notice that the abyss stares back….calling you, luring you deeper into its eternal ineffable, inconceivable and imperceptible mystery. 

Thus, you will lose yourself, and find Yourself, all at once. The sacrifice of self to Self begins upon the precipice of the abyss. And so begins your journey of awakening and transcension.