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Ages ago, Norse poets told of a Valkyrja, Sigrdrífa, who defied the wishes of Odin and granted victory, in battle, to the wrong side. As punishment, Odin struck her with a sleep thorn and placed her slumbering form within a nearly impenetrable ring of fire.

It was not until one hero, Sigurðr, dared to brave the flames to awaken the sleeping swan-maiden. Upon awakening, she uttered two stanzas of poetry that is now tan to be a heathen prayer. We call it Sigrdrífa’s prayer and has become a custom practice to recite these lines when establishing sacred space as the opening phase of modern Norse rituals.

This tale was told as part of the Volsung saga in the Poetic Edda. It became the heroic Germanic saga, Das Nibelungenlied, and adapted into Wagner’s epic opera, Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Heill dagr – Hail Day

Heilir dags synir! – Hail Sons of Day

Heil nótt ok nipt! – Hail Night and her Daughter

Óreiðum Augum – Unwrathful eyes

lítið okkr þinig – look upon us

ok gefið sitjöndum sigr – and grant us victory


Heilir æsir! – Hail Gods

Heilar ásynjur! – Hail Goddesses

Heil sjá in fjölnýta fold – Hail to the abundant fields

Mál ok mannvit – Speech and wisdom

gefið okkr mærum tveim – give to us

ok læknishendr, meðan lifum – and healing hands with life

Vigi Vé Thetta

Use this bindrune upon each of the four directions to establish the wards of sacred space. This image is made up of the words, Vigi vé Thetta - which can be translated as, Bless and Protect this sacred space.

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