Gain clarity and insights into the subtle causes of your everyday challenges. 

There is a light in your Dark Night of the Soul
We can find it, together

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  • Connecting with and becoming the Embodiment of your own HIGHER SELF - this means Finding your sacred purpose, known as WILL or ORLOG, and start living it  
  • Creating SPIRITUAL ALLIES on the other side OF LIFE - to give guidance, clarity, smooth the flow of life events to your favor.  
  • Building COHERENCE OF THE SOUL - letting your own sacred energy empower every part of your being, clearing away negativity and toxicity, letting your whole being resonate with your authenticity. 
  • CLEARING away all that is not you, the toxic and blockages, so that your being resonates with a higher energy  
  • DRAWING to you all that is in alignment with your higher being, your purpose and Will  


Working together in this way creates a sacred life with meaning and fulfillment, with YOU as its true source!


Guidance with Kaedrich Olsen

With nearly 30 years of experience, his unique gifts and expertise has helped many people find the clarity and insights they needed to understand the cause and resolutions during times of spiritual crisis.

His specialties include: 

  • Men’s Spirituality - connect with your sacred for purpose, living with integrity  

  • Living  Purposeful life - clearing blocks, releasing shadows, clarity of direction 

  • Spirits and Entities - clearing attachments, breaking energy drains, building connections &  communication  

  • Sacred Practices - ritual, meditation, manifestation, establishing sacred connections 


His Training and Certifications Include:

  • Transpersonal counseling &hypnotherapy

  • Spirit Release and attachment clearing

  • Runes & Norse Mysticism



    Spiritual problems can affect every area of your life, from career, relationships and health. These can include the dark night of the soul, shadows, disconnection from what you hold sacred, or even interference from negative entities.  

    You have the power to overcome these challenges and set things right. With proper training and guidance, you can get your soul right again, realigning your being with your true purpose, and become the conduit to set everything in your world right. 

    Please be aware that these are not quick and easy resolutions. Rather you will find the answers you seek along with the techniques that will empower you to create long-term, lasting solutions, if you are willing to do the work. 

    This is not a psychic reading, or divination. Rather, spiritual guidance, ritual, and sacred practices tailored to your specific needs.  


    If you are not in the Denver Area, and would like to book an Online Session, follow this link to book a session:

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