Connect with Your Higher Guidance

Empowered by the Light and Dark of The Abyss, they are Eight Angelic and Daemonic forces guiding your life, in accordance to your own Divine Will.

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Within the Abode Upon the Abyss we find
The Ogdoad


  Empowered by the light and dark which emanates from the ever eternal abyss, they are:

  1. Goddess of darkness brings solace, clearing away toxicity and negativity. Brings  connection at the emotional level

  2. Healer, nurturer that nourishes all, and heals all wounds. Brings vitality to body and Being

  3. Guide, teacher, inspirator bringing knowledge, awareness and wisdom. Connects with all things at the cognitive level

  4. Great hunter and guide through the untamed wilds of the unmanifest and what is yet to come. Shows the way forward or clears the way

  5. Dark magician, manifester of darkness: that which exists but is not manifest. Gives birth the unborn, and redeems the unredeemable

  6. Manifester of light,  has the power to make manifest that which exists. If you can dream it, the light can bring it

  7. Guardian of the temple, a stout warrior stands guard to prevent entry by any that would profane such places. Stout, stoic and silently protecting the light of the abyss

  8. Divine conqueror, warrior, advancing and holding, protecting and defending. This warrior of darkness conquers all that stands in its way,

The Ogdoad is equally dark and light; male, female and neutral; active and passive;

It is not the balance of opposing forces, but the extent of the extremes.

The Angelic and Daemonic are one within the Ogdoad